Residential Treatment

Addiction Free Recovery Services offers residential treatment in our Salida location, specializing in a compassionate approach to addiction treatment.  Our counselors understand the difficulty in admitting there is a problem and taking the initial steps of positively dealing with the addiction.

As a social model program, we focus on peer support, relearning responses to challenges, stress and anxiety through “doing” and “experiencing” life on life’s terms.

We understand that addiction affects the whole family and the community at large.  We strive to make our program a family-oriented experience through our weekly family group meetings.  Family participation matters and is helpful in the treatment of addiction.

 Our facility offers three daily group counseling sessions, one-on-one counseling, crisis intervention and detox along with proper nutrition and exercise with our personal trainer. Our goal is to help you live a clean and healthy life by laying a good foundation during your time in residential treatment.  Addiction Free Recovery Services also has a certified outpatient clinic located in Modesto and provides two years of aftercare for those who complete our 30-day residential treatment and outpatient programs.

Treatment doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience, but instead a positive start to a new and healthy tomorrow.  Let our experienced and compassionate counselors’ help you become addiction free today.

Located close to the Bay area and other valley cities

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