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By afrs-blogger June 5, 2017

How to Help Someone Struggling with Addiction

First things first: It is extremely important that friends and family stop making excuses for the individual suffering from substance abuse and their behavior. Being successful in some aspects of their lives is never an excuse to behave poorly when abusing drugs, nor is it an excuse to allow them to continue on this way.

If you’re wondering exactly how to approach this situation, here is a suggestion: You can confront them in a calm, safe, informative manner. Explain how their behavior makes you feel in an open and comforting tone.

Leave subtle hints around their or your home such as informative literature on recovery. This works best when you take into consideration their needs, interests, and age. So don’t just throw the first generic sobriety pamphlet their way. Each person is unique and so is their road to recovery.

Oftentimes it can be a great relief to realize that seeking help will not alienate them from society, ruin their career and social life.

Many struggling with addiction are reluctant to seek help for fear of how it will affect their future, especially when the word of their addiction gets out. Inform them that they can in fact enter rehab anonymously. Legally, a person cannot be denied a job or fired because they are in treatment for a substance abuse disorder. Though, employers can have different policies regarding healthcare and sick leave so it’s best to be familiar with the conditions of the company. But keep in mind: People who seek treatment for substance abuse problems are much more likely to keep their jobs than those who do not.

There are options. You can take a sabbatical or tell people you’re heading on a vacation. Do whatever they need to make sure they’re away from their addictions and in a safe supportive environment. Substance abuse treatment programs can offer a variety of approaches suitable to the individual and their specific needs.

Addiction Free Recovery Services has trained and experienced counselors that are ready to help you in the recovery of any of the following addictions. Call us at 209-579-3301 to find out how we can assist in your recovery and help you find the success you seek.

source: National Institute on Drug Abuse.