Effective & Affordable Addiction Treatment In Modesto

By afrs-blogger February 15, 2018

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Our goal at Addiction Free Recovery Services is to address the challenges unique to each individual client, and approach each using the latest and most innovative treatments available for those struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism and depression cause by substance abuse.

We want to play an integral role in the development, knowledge, skills and attitude of each client, ultimately setting the stage for long-term success in life & sobriety. This is far more than just another “residential drug rehab center,” Addiction Free Recovery Services offers a more affordable recovery option while simultaneously creating improved success for client and family!

Our vision for the Modesto California area and all of the Central Valley is to break free from addiction and live a productive and full life based on a balanced program of client care and education. Our goal is to improve the physical and emotional health of the chemically dependent person. The Modesto and California Central Valley  now have a safe place to talk, learn and get treatment for addiction.

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